PRM B2B Platform Ready for the New Trends

Issue 186   2021-01-14

In 2020, the COVID-19 is raging and has a huge impact on the industries. The epidemic slows down businesses globally, on the other hand, digital marketing is booming. Along with the increasing number of visitors on the PRM-TAIWAN B2B platform, we also have been receiving more and more inquiries day by day from the buyers worldwide. Now, online platforms which connects buyers and manufacturers globally has become one of the most important tool for both sides, thus digital marketing.
We are glad that international buyers trust PRM-TAIWAN to look for plastics and rubber related machinery based on many feedback.  To sustain the quality of the service, PRM-TAIWAN works tirelessly and finds solutions to the challenges that buyers and manufacturers face especially during the pandemic. How can we help buyers to find the products in the fastest and smoothest way? How to elevate the exposure of the Hidden Champion-Taiwan manufacturers' high-quality plastic and rubber machinery? Is the platform's performance and functionality sufficient to cope with the rapidly increasing number of users? Those are the topics we are focusing and working hard to improve day to day.
Mike Chen, the head of PRM's IT division, has done a completed assessment and planning of the PRM-TAIWAN B2B platform, and decided to make a substantial update in order to comply with the current trends of the plastics and rubber industry and a more user-friendly interface. And he is striving not only to maintain a good performance of the platform, but also to prepare the platform for the future challenges of the industry, such as the increasing web traffic of the online platforms. Recently, with the efforts of Mike, we have also optimized the program, imported CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up international browsing, and strengthened the security of the website to ensure that all website resources are running under https.

First of all, on the PRM-TAIWAN B2B platform, we have created a new function called “Member Area”. It is the section on the platform where the buyers and manufacturers can communicate directly and track the progress of the inquiry letters. The update of the Member Area saves time for both parties from searching and archiving in numerous emails.
Besides that, we have also integrated PRM Media Channel section to the PRM-TAIWAN B2B platform, where we present videos of Plastic and Rubber related machinery and manufacturers, as well as the industry insights from regional and local markets around the globe. Increasing the richness of content, allowing buyers to find the information they want quickly. PRM-TAIWAN covers 80% of Taiwanese machine manufacturers, our purpose is to show the buyers' machinery information with videos, that helps them to better understand the functionality and the properties of the machines without the need of traveling abroad or attending on their site.
In 2021, the IT team is also redesigning the interface of the pages and also focusing on the mobile version of the platform to improve the user experience on mobile devices through developing the user interface and functions of the platform. Moreover, the team focuses to ensure the integrity of the page content and multilingual support. 
Finally, we also pay great attention to the stability of the platform to provide 24-7 active services to users around the world. Despite of pandemic slows down businesses globally, PRM-TAIWAN is here to provide you nonstop service as the reliable matchmaker of the plastics and rubber industry. Welcome to visit PRM-TAIWAN  for a comprehensive online exhibition experience and find your selected suppliers.