FULL SHINE: Blow Molding Machines with High Production Efficiency, High Quality and Lower Cost

Issue 180   2020-10-15

FS-90PLDO from Full Shine Plastic Machinery (TAIWAN) is your best choice for the pursuit of highly productive blow molding machine.

The quest for highly production efficiency and high quality and lower cost has become a hit in the plastic industry, in order to cater to your own customized design, Full Shine has proposed several options to you concerning your production line.

Our blow molding machine FS-90PLDO with curved arms for strong mold clamping, equipped with linear slide guideway, made in Germany for swift movement, six die-head & double station with extruding capacity per hour: 100 kg per hour and produce wide range of PE/PE products from 100 to 500 ml.

For example to produce 250ml oil bottle, the hourly production volume is around 2,400 PCS, which is highly efficient. Besides, all of Fullshine’s machineries are with the concept of offering user-friendly design, easy operation, durability and less maintenance. The whole production line is implemented without any labor intervention and contributes to less contamination.

Full Shine provides various aspects of solutions for the automation in the plastic production line especially designed and personalized in your plant. Due to the support of our experienced personnel, innovative design, and quality-machine performance, our customers place fully trust and reliance on FULL SHINE.

FULL SHINE never stops striving for best and to maintain our regulative concepts: “Service from Heart; Achievement from Collaboration” . Full Shine insists manufacture and assembles in Taiwan, offering great quality and stable machine running. With great service and more than 27 years of experience in plastic blow forming, Full Shine will definitely be your most trustworthy partner in the pursuit of blow molding solution!

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