CHIA MING: Our Machines Now Go SMART

Issue 175   2020-07-30

Founded in the heart of Taiwan in 1992, we, CHIA MING MACHINERY CO., LTD have provided our services in more than 50 countries around the world.
We produce the highest quality blow molding machinery and constantly improve our products to meet market demand. By adopting the most innovative proven technologies CHIA MING is a recognized leading manufacturer of PET two-stage stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding machines in the Taiwan market and abroad.

With the principles of fulfilling customers' expectations, CHIA MING has developed a wide range of products from high-end models with full electronic control systems to an economical but reliable hydraulic system. Customization and user-friendly operation is a signature feature of our machines.

In response to the trend of environmental protection and the demand for less energy consumption, CHIA MING is pleased to provide a full electric co-extrusion blow molding machine model CM FE90.55FVH2D.

CM FE90.55FVH2D is a full servo motor driven blow molding machine by four die head, double station, and double extrusion structure, which is also equipped with visi strip function, auto lading system, auto deflashing device, auto take-out robot 2D gripper and auto recycling system for high-efficiency production line. This machine is also available to be equipped with leak detector, weight tester and neck trimmer to achieve complete production.

Why Go Full Electric?
  •  Energy savings 20%~70%
  •  Precise and more efficiency
  •  No hydraulic, no oil leakage, less noise
  •  Easy maintenance

Our latest development is to enable our machines Go SMART by offering the Industrial internet of things. Here are several key technologies we can offer :
  • Remote visualization of real-time production status
  • Pre care and maintenance settings of parts to reduce much needless wear and tear of machine as well as the chance of sudden downtime.
  • Fault diagnosis as well as training through the use of video software to explore the inner workings of equipment. Troubleshooting is ever easier and faster.
  • Open to the possibility of adding functionality through remote connection in the future.

Chia Ming is always on the lookout for the next great challenge and opportunity.
We are capable of providing customized blow molding solutions that suit your special needs. Creating value for our customers is always at the very heart of Chia Ming‘s work.


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