Spraying Equipment

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Hydrographic 2M Semi-Auto Dipping Machine with Production Arm & Auto Spray System - YHT-222AX

Category : Hydrographic / Water transfer Machines

Manually or vertically dipping by production arm with timing and temperature controlled hydro dipping tank.
High durability of dip tank structure with heavy loading production arm and water ...Details

YHT Manual Spraying Gun

Category : Spraying Equipment

High efficiency spray gun, completely atomizes activator when spraying.
Suggest it is used for spraying base coats, clear coats, and activator.
Consistent spraying and atomization w...Details

XY Auto-Spray System - AS-100XY

Category : Spraying Equipment

Special design nozzle could apply activator evenly on the transfer film when dipping with minimum water fluctuation.Details

Auto Spray Activator System

Category : Hydrographic / Water transfer Machines

To Maintain the Spraying Activator quantities, and average range.
Saving the label and maintain the quality.Details