Rubber Processing Machinery

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Hydraulic Molding Machine - JD-H Series

Category : Rubber Curing/Vulcanizing Machines

This series of machines is suitable for molding many different plastic related materials. Such as rubber, melon dishes, bakelite, urea powder, foaming, brakes, etc.Details

3RT Mold-Open Rubber Injection Molding Machine IRH-S3

Category : Rubber Injection Molding Machines

Mold opening design
The 3RT surpasses the traditional top opening mold that can be used for the triple or four molds with the design of the opening mold and pushing out the mold in the betwe...Details

Sphere Rubber/Silicon Compression Molding Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Equip with patent rail mold-open, very fast and easy to operate.
The complete set includes both molds and molding machine.
Big working bench, plenty cavities, high yield.

Pellets Cooling、Selecting、Collecting Unit

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

This unit include Pellets Cooling, Selecting and Collecting after the pellets cutting from Extruder.Details

Automatic Oil Hydraulic Powder Forming Machine - LA/LB Series

Category : Pressure Forming Machines

● Melamine powder, urea powder and phenol powder etc material molding forming use.
● Continuous automatic operation can be molded without help of an operator.
● Oil hydraulic type, hi...Details

Fiberglass Products Forming Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

• Down stroke design with lower working height.
• Double stations with the sliding carts increase productivity.
• Sliding carts with position pins to secure working safety.Details

Single Body Die-removing Ejection Compression Molding Machine - FCS Series

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Conductive rubber, oil seal, automobile parts, keyboard pad, brake lining, mahjong, nontoxic rubber, thermos bottle plugs, nipple, medical rubber plugs etc.Details

Double Arm Open Type Kneader

Category : Dispersion Kneaders

The KD double-arm kneader is available with a variety of blades in different shapes as well as with number of discharging methods and mixing conditions. This KD double arm kneader has already achie...Details

J- Frame Rubber Injection Molding Machine (F.I.L.O.)

Category : Rubber Injection Molding Machines

●Simplicity in material preparation. Flexibility in the production of complicated product.
●Compound with plasticizing process and temperature controlling pre-heating, decrease curing time a...Details

Twin Taper Screw Roller Head Extruder

Category : Rubber Extrusion Lines

The Twin Taper Screws Roller Head Extruder consists of two tapered screws and two rollers,The machine is normally applied for processing to a dispersion kneader or an inten...Details

Heavy Duty with Multi-ram Design Compression Molding Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Customized specification is available for molding various large dimension products.Details

KR Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine (ROTARY TABLE)

Category : Vertical Injection Molding Machines

Vertical mold clamp with horizontal injection with long closing and opening stroke, ideal for injection of large work pieces.....Details

High Precision Servo type Slitting & Cutting Machine

Category : Rubber Cutting Machines

Application:Film for Solar power and FPD industry such as EVA, TEDLAR, Backsheet, ITO, PET, MICRO, Lens, Copper foil.

Intensive Mixer

Category : Compounding Lines

Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

1.Rotors: Two wings design with good cooling design. Excellent cooling ability. Anti-wearing treatment on the s...Details

Vertical Rubber Injection Machine

Category : Rubber Injection Molding Machines

Screw & barrel temperature controlled with kerosene preheated by built –in temperature control system; a high volume of belt-shaped rubber can be feed, essential for production of large size, high ...Details

High performance raw rubber cutter

Category : Rubber Cutting Machines


Hydraulic Bailing Press

Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

Custom specifications are available upon request.Details

Rail Type Vacuum Compression Molding Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Mold plate turnover at 60°, custom design available.Details

Four Injection Cylinders Design Injection Molding Machine

Category : Automatic Blow Molding Machines

Four Injection Cylinders Design Injection Molding MachineDetails

3-Layer Mold Vacuum Compression Molding Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

3-Layer Mold Demolding (3RT)Details

Vacuum Rubber Oil Seal Hydraulic Compression Molding Machine - FCVR Series

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Automobile & motorcycle oil seal, valve steam seal, V seal, O-ring and rubber seal products.Details


Category : Rubber Extrusion Lines

Basically,rubber material is very easy to be mixed with many impurities during mixing processes.No doubt,because of this harmful factor,it can easily cause the follow-up...Details