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Hydrographic Automatic Continuous Flow Dipping Machine with Tri-con - JK-350TT

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

Automatic dipping machine

Continuously Flow Dipping Machine is a very excellent system to make high daily quantity of 1600 fixture / 8 hours.

By its perfect design of ...Details

In-line Flexo Printing Machine LS-1

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

Cooperate with the extruder to make the printing in-line continuously, in-put with the dancing roller to control the films goes into the printing station very even and smooth, machine equipped with...Details

Off-Line Flexo Printing Machine FSP-6000

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

This is a higher grade flexographic printing machine than ll model, standard equipped with the japan original imported unwinding auto tension controller, and the hydraulic type edge position contro...Details

In-line Flexo Printing Machine LS-5

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

Main transporting system adopt the advanced 360 degree turning gear box, on each printing station with the front and rear control device, during the machine in printing, it can directly control the...Details

Water Transfer Printing Process

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

Yuan Heng Tai(YHT) Water Transfer Printing process is a method used to apply graphics such as wood grain, stone or camouflage onto substrate. The standard process is very important especially for c...Details

2 Colors Flexo Printing Machine (In-Line Type)

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

These flexographic printers are able to print in two colors, in line with extruder machine. Printing possibility: 0+2, 1+1
Max. printing speed 100 mts/min
Standard printing length is ...Details

Euroflex-The Flagship Press

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

The state of the art gearless flexo press and is one of the best valued gearless press on the market. As the flagship press is equipped with the highest automation, precision, stability, and cleani...Details

High Speed Six Color Flexographic Printing Machine

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

CI-PH Series
Max. printing speed 250 M/min
Precise central drum impression roller
"Zero" tolerance on color registration
Fully automatic Unwinder and rewinder servo-driv...Details

Aluminum Foil Printing Machine(WAP Series)

Category : Rotogravure Printing Machines

In order to meet the special requirement of aluminum foil printing, the quality and R&D oriented manufacturer-- Worldly Industrial Co., Ltd., has developed the best solution for this special printi...Details


Category : Flexographic Printing Machines


Auto Film Layer + Auto Spray System

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

The powerful combination of film laying & activator spraying system makes WTP process simple & stable; in addition, this convenient combination system can be applied on the original YHT standard di...Details

Fully Automatic Cutting Sewing Printing Machine

Category :

This machine is delivering optimum support in meeting the production demands of PP/HDPE woven bag, sack, and more.Details


Category : Flexographic Printing Machines



Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

The Horizon type is Europe system made in Italy, this product automatic control the edge position to the right position by horizon move, which can be used on single colour flexo printing machine, ,...Details

Water Washing 3M Semi-Auto Type- YHT-231

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

One by one washing station is to help removing the residue of films and activator by water washing.
Single batch of washing automatically with water circulation perfectly meet the capabilit...Details

Water Washing Station 2.7M Conveyor Type - JK-270

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

Water Washing Station 2.7M Conveyor TypeDetails

Foil Lead Device Heat Transfer Machine SY-901

Category : Heat Transfer Printing Machines

Application: All kind of pailDetails

SFX ( The Room Saving Press)

Category : Flexographic Printing Machines

The SFX is an environmental friendly press that could run on water based inks. With SFX, you could obtain the closest print quality to a central impression press. If you are looking for a room sav...Details

Water Washing Station 5M Conveyor Type_JK-280

Category : Hydrographic/Water transfer Machines

With 360∘water washing by high performance nozzle surrounded, all of residue of films and activator will completely washed away with perfect decoration remained.
High daily working output wi...Details

3 Layer PE Embossing Machine

Category : Embossing Machines

Product Model: YHEL-3

The products of our machines will not become rigid or
crisp under low temperatures and will not sticky at 45°C.
Being lightweight and in low densi...Details