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Chemical Auto Weighting Device System

Category :

1. High Precision

2. Less Pollution

3. Easy Clean

4. High Efficiency

5. More Data StorageDetails

Two Layer / Multilayer Film Blowing Extrusion Plant

Category : Extrusion Lamination Machines

The film blowing machine is designed for blowing HDPE and heat meltin glue resin.Details

Large Quantity Auto Weight Scaling System

Category :

Powder Weighing Unit is designed to transport various powder materials into the weighting tank according the

pre-set value (recipe). The powders are transported by screw conveyer aut...Details

Plastic / PP Woven Bag Cutting Sewing Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

The HY7/SP-150H has a capacity of 24-32 bags/min, with length adjustment and auto bag gathering systems. The unit can also be equipped with auto mouth open and bottom folding system, making bag pro...Details

Needle punch machine NP1000

Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines


Sealing and Cutting Machine - One Step-FSC-301/501

Category : Sealing Machines

-The machine is ideal for the bottom sealing and cutting operation of poly bags.
-For PVC shrink labels, paper and various plastic sheet cutting.Details

Zipper Applicator and High Speed Side Sealing Machine

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

The machine uses fully automatic digitalized servo motor to control length; it is easy for operation and provides strong sealing and quality appearance.Details


Category : Sealing Machines


Valve Bag Making Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

This machine is designed to perform L-shape cutting, feeding valve forming and mouth fold and sewn, sectional elements including...Details

Center Seal Bag/ Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine - FK-FSC-350

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

FK-FSC Economical Type Center Seal Bag/ Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine is Suitable for production of light duty pouches, its simplicity in design, easy to operate features make it the most eco...Details

Fully Automatic High-speed Cutting & Sealing,3 Folding and Packing Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

Fully Automatic High-speed Cutting & Sealing,3 Folding and Packing Machine by Servo Motor Control.
‧ Sealing & cutting,3 folding,auto-packing.
‧ Computerized human-touch screen contro...Details

Seaming Machine SEAM-350D-Compact

Category : Shrink Sleeve Machinery

-for Shrink sleeve.
-Increase production.
-Non stop Turret.

-Increase production.
-Decrease inspection time.
-Reduce waste.

Semi-auto soft-loop handle sealing machine SL

Category : Sealing Machines

Manual softloop handle bag - Includes film feeding & cutting devices, loop film pressed and turn toward the sealing position. Heated mould seals loop film against the main body. Activates complete ...Details

Folded Garbage Bag Making Machine:FDB

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

●  Heavy duty garbage bags can be produced by this folded bag making machine
●  4 times folding
●  Tensionless sealing knife is able to seal heavy dutyDetails

Labeling Machine

Category : Labeling Machines

-Registered & non-registered labeling on single side.
-Registered & non-registered labeling on both sides.
-Automatic tube feeding board.
-Automatic tube unloading by blowing s...Details

Post-gusseting rewinding machine TRGT

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Heat-trimming + Post-gusset device - Heated trimming knife trim and seal edge of film. Post-gusset device blow up and gusset tubic film from both sides and rewinder rewind bobbin film.