Extruders and Extrusion Lines

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Computerized 8 Color Printing, Coating & Drying Machine - PCD-120-08H

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

Well-devised Ink – transmission system runs well.
especially in broad area printing and screen printing .
Foldable ink unit is easy to clean . change color and printing plate.Details

Pellets Cooling、Selecting、Collecting Unit

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

This unit include Pellets Cooling, Selecting and Collecting after the pellets cutting from Extruder.Details

Sheet Extruding Machines - HC-100 /150PP

Category :

We have produced two or three layers plastic sheet extruding machine.Details

Sheet Making Machine

Category : Film and Sheet Extrusion Lines

Used to manufacutre car carpet, carpet, wall carpet and artificial carpet grass, etc.
Controlled by touch panel on control box
The speed of main extruder will change according to die ...Details

Aluminum Foil Coating & Laminating Machine (WACL-1300)

Category :

WACL series is not just a convention dry laminating machine. The cold form foil is very much concerned proper & precise tension control to handle such thick laminates. In terms of tension control, ...Details

High Speed Twin Die Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

TDH series is one extruder provides two dies to get bigger capacity & less space. TDH-S series is standard machine. TDH-F series is forced feeding type for more output & faster speed.

Gusseting Rotating Machine

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications


Aluminum Foil Coating Machine Tandem Type (WAC-DT Series)

Category :

For its strong characters of odor free, lightproof, antioxidant, and flavor preservation, aluminum foil has become one of the most popular solutions for soft packing industries. Laminated aluminum ...Details


Category : Blown Film Extruders

3-Layer (ABC) PE Group/PP/RecycledDetails

LD/LLDPE High Speed Blown Film Line Single Head Type

Category : Blown Film Extruders

•Film Width: 4000 mm 
•Film Thickness: 20 -250 mic
•Extrusion Output: 750 kg/ hr
•Internal Bubble Cooling Computer Control System (U.S.A) 
•Gravimetric Dosing Unit (...Details

Dry Laminating Machine(WDL Series)

Category : Extrusion Lamination Machines

In response to the mass demand of various materials and multiple methods in flexible packing markets, WORLDLY provides the WDL multiple functional drying laminating machineries as the ultimate solu...Details

Super High Speed Two Stripe Color Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

TCP-H series is two gear boxes driven by two motors makes colors width can be easily adjustment. TCP-SE series is one gear box driven by one motor for small capacity & saving cost. TCP-TD series is...Details


Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines


2-Layer PE Stretch Film Making Machine

Category : Film and Filament Stretching Lines

Available for agricultural film, coated film, stretch film, cling film, greenhouse film etc.
Max film width up to 4.2 m (8.4 m in single-layer-opened film)
Raw material HDPE, LDPE, LL...Details

Mono Extrusion Coating & Laminating Machine (WEL Series)

Category :

Worldly extrusion coating lamination machine is well-known in the flexible converting machinery from Taiwan.

To cater most of low-waste packaging market our mono extrusion coating & ...Details

2.5M wide 10-layer Co-Extrusion Air Bubble Film Extrusion Line

Category :

Various models to meet with your needs.
Sheet width from 1,200MM to 2,500MM, from 2 layers to 10 layers.
Tailored-made machine available.Details

Solvent-less Laminating Machine (WSL Series)

Category : Extrusion Lamination Machines

For the solvent-free lamination, WORLDLY launches solvent-less laminating machine WSL series. The manipulation is much easier and simple with the PLC digital control system and touchable human-mach...Details

Inflation Machine (Blown film machine) - TGI-85, TGI-90

Category : Blown Film Extruders

With the attachment of the proper die, the machine has the special feature of being to blow the high quality & even thick gauge film for stretch purpose, no cut, high tensile strength and good elon...Details

LD/LLDPE Super High Speed Inflation Machine (GF-L85ES)

Category : Blown Film Extruders

LD/LLDPE Super High Speed Inflation Machine (GF-L85ES)Details

A/B/C BFS Series Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line

Category : Blown Film Extruders

FKI offers one of the most advanced and adaptable blown film lines for various applications, such as shopping bags, vest bags, garbage bags, agricultural film, construction film, packaging film and...Details

Lamination Line (Woven Sack)

Category : Extrusion Lamination Machines

Lamination application for tubular woven fabrics. High level of coating technique provides smooth and even coating surface, which reduces material waste, while maintaining highest quality of coated...Details

HD/LD High Speed Film Blown Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

● Material:HD/LDPE
● Thickness:0.008-0.08mm
● Film Width:150-600mmDetails