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Hot Runner Controller / Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC5200

Category : Control Equipment

The TC5200 multi-cavity hot runner temperature controller. One single temperature controller has 26 to 72 zones and even up to 240 zones in a network. Maintenance operations can be simplified with ...Details

4-axis single screw extruder gear box vertical

Category : Gearboxes

Low noise, low back crack, high torque gear boxDetails

Narrow Slitter & Inspection KSI-Pro Combi

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

– Film Accumulation
– Unilux Strobe & Operator View Table
– Razor & Shear Knifes
– Twin Differential Rewinds
– Digital Edge Guide
– Unwind & Splice Tables

CNC AC Servo Beam Robots - New Titan Series

Category : Industrial Robots

The New Titan series of robotic arms are used in 650-4000 tons of various plastic horizontal injection molding machines, 3-axis servo drive, arm for taking out products, and the upper and lower arm...Details


Category : Foaming Machinery

The Structure Of Press Body Is Made By Special Steel Shaped Materials That Features Pressure-Resistant Function To Maintain A Permanent Plane, With Its Integrated Shaping Of Punch And Slide To Full...Details

Belt Conveyors

Category : Conveyors

Protection of Your Machine
The belt conveyor allows to installing a metal detector on it. With the metal detector, it prevent any metal been feed into the pelletizing system. Protecting the ...Details

Slitting Machine Deluxe Type-FSL-V

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

FSL-V Slitting Machine is specially designed for the plastic films which are of variable thicknesses, low tension demand or tension strictness. It is also suit for slitting a wide variety of materi...Details

3-axis single screw extruded gear box

Category : Gearboxes

Gearbox for extruders
Gear box
The gearbox is a speed reducer used for speed change or the gearbox is mostly changed through the gearbox.
⚙️The purpose of the gear box is-

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Chassis Seriess - TC5H Series

Category : Control Equipment

Simple designs
Stackable design, installation space saved
The handle can be hidden
Built-in NFB switch
Fan built-in for heat sink
Fast alternative for 230V/380V p...Details

Rewinder Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Application:To cut the variety of tape rolls e.g.: double-sided tape, masking tape, PET, PE, release liners/paper, Mylar…etc. with or without adhesive base material.

All Electric Automation Composites Forming Machine

Category : Compression Molding Machines

Designed with independent ceramic heating system for quick materials preheating.
Equipped with heating and cooling system to meet the different forming process, the key to make TPC products ...Details

Automatic Melt Filter - RAS

Category : Screen Changers

Any contamination the filter collects is scraped from its surface by two blades, and then gathered by the blade-holder. Finally, anything harvested is automatically ejected through the front valve....Details

Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials


Extrusion Molding Machine Auxiliary Solutions

Category : Cooling Equipment / Industrial Chillers

‧ Lower cost
‧ Greater productivity
‧ Better energy efficiency
‧ Better company image
‧ Better working environment
‧ Less material waste and pollution during the ...Details

VL METER 1/8 DIN Panel Meter

Category : Indicators and Sensors

The VL digital meter, with exceptional flexibility, performance, and low cost is an ideal solution for a wide range of applicationsDetails

High Speed Auto Gusseting Cutting Sewing Machine

Category :

This gusseting-cutting sewing machine is designed to flawlessly from side gusset with bottom fold and sewn, sectional elements including: un-winding unit equipped with EPC. Micro-perforation unit(o...Details

Robotic Grinding Workstation - AGS 7

Category :

Grinding and Polishing system
AGT force channel control system-ensure smooth and uniform surface after grinding
6 Axis robot-ABB IRB1200 7Kg/0.7m IP67 Water&Dust proof type

Hot Runner System

Category : Control Equipment

Hot runner system is an advanced injection molding system. Nozzle and manifold block are heated under temperature control of the Temp-controller, so that the plastics from the nozzle of injection m...Details

Needle Punching Section

Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

A complete needle punching section including feeding system, pre-needle punching machine, finish needle punching machine, edge cutter, and other peripheral equipment. Taylor made complete needle pu...Details

Horizontal Mixer / Blender (YBHM)

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Mixing quickly and evenly with motor overload protector and power safety device. It is safe and easy to operate.

The mixing capacity could be extended to one ton. The mixing barrel ...Details

WT (Wise-Transit) Net 4.0

Category : Industrial Software

Rapid and efficient data for analysis to provide well management.
First Step heading to Smart Factory. Yann Bang, over 45 years’ experience, providing BEST Service.Details

Air Dryer

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials


Quick Mold Change System

Category : Mold Changing Systems

• Decreased mold change time
• Fully customizable to fit a wide range of machines
• Safer operations
• Reduced labor costs
• Easy changeover for small batch runsDetails

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Chassis Series - TC5E

Category : Control Equipment

High-grade aluminum frame design
Stackable design, installation space saved
The steel handle for move easily
Built-in NFB switch
Fan built-in for heat sink
Euro t...Details