iTungYu Horizontal Injection Molding Machine TIP-1000-H-200-PCD

2021-01-05 13:50:13
How to save material and increase productivity simultaneously? Injection molding machine for rubber or silicone products to helpfully decrease material wasting and automation optimizing. Tung Yu make our effort to serve the best solution for customer.
Injection molding machines are used to make all kind of oil seals, dust seals, o-rings, car window seals, medical syringe pistons, diving mask and so on. Tung Yu focuses on compression and injection silicone molding solutions and help our customers to find the way and cut the edge.

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
Clamping Force: 200tons
Injection Volume:1000c.c.
1. Horizontal structure with ergonomic design.
2. With FIFO injection design, save process time and increase productivity.
Auxiliary Design:
1. Cold Runner Block (CRB): effectively temperature controlling to reduce rubber waste.
2. Compiled with OPC UA standard, could integrate other molding equipments and the around systems.
Application Example: O-ring
Brake diaphragm

Technical Specifications:

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Ever since its startup in 1983, Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd. has remained true to its management philosophy, the “Down-to-earth sustainable management” held by Chairman Yang Chen-Pin. The company has established a market presence with “Honest management” with the result that “Tung Yu” brand products are distributed in more than 60 nations around the world under its brand name. Our products are widely acknowledged by industry and recognized by customers for their high brand exposure in the global rubber industry.

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