TS Type Sequence Controller Series

Classification : Sequential Controllers


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● Time precision were 0.1 seconds and 0.01 seconds.
● Input signal can ve connected to the signal injection or off-mode signal. According to the input signal selection mode, to set the parameters to achieve the best.
● Selectable mode input signal type for the contact input (NO normally open switch) or voltage input type (DC24V/AC220V), can easily match with the injection molding machine.
● Trigger modes can be divided into edge-triggered (on-delay) and Level trigger and trigger level position with off-delay.
● Input signal contains the foloowing three: 
a. Contact-type switch (NO normally open switch).
b. DC voltage input DC24V.
C. AC voltage input AC24V~AC265V.
● Pneumatic valve with DC24Vas standard, or AC220V may be used. A plummer-block mounted style is recommended when multi-point is demanded for higher mobility.
● Use of the air units ensures the quality of air-flow from the air compressor.