Siemens All-Electric Precision Machine Schemes

Classification : Servo Energy-Saving System For Oil-Electric Hybrid And All-Electro Dynamic Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-2218-1686
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Contact Person: Mr. Xiong
.The highest speed, torque,accuracy, efficiency and response in the world.
.Wheel position, velocity, pressure, motor force, production monitoring, and other monitoring functions.
.Instant synchronization of complex multi-axial movement combinations.
.In addition to all-electrical power, it can be used in the oil electric complex machine.
.Ten-segment PID temperature control.
.5-axis simultaneous Siemens servo motor.
.Asia's only most advanced Siemens DSC technology.
.Online printing for all kinds of information.
.USB modular storage.
.Multi-lingual capabilities.
.CE European Safety Power Specification.
.Position accuracy < 0.01mm Error.
.Ejector and mold protection < 1% torque.
.Kan pressure and axe pressure control < 0.1% Error.
.Speed accuracy < 0.1% Error.
.Weight accuracy < 0.08% Error.
.Devices are small and wiring is simple.