Injection Molding Machine Control System-AK618

Classification : Other Applications


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-2218-1686
Fax: 886-2-2218-1766
Contact Person: Mr. Xiong
.Using DSP54 series of high-speed signal processor
.Good system stability, low possibility of breaking down, and adapts to various industrial environments
.With the closed loop hybrid gasoline-electric servo control, each operation is controlled by PID independently with high precision
.Flexible input/output specifications, great expansibility and cost-effective
.Full digital control, high degree of information technology and intelligence
metal sheet size(mm) 227 x 300 x 42.5
Mounting Dimensions(mm) 160 x 280
PB(IO input) 16
PC(IO-point output) 16
Relay output(Relay) 5(Heating)+2(Motor)+1(Other)
Temperature Input(Temp) 5(Temperature of components)+1(Temperature of oil)
Analog Input(AD) 4
Analog Output(DA) 0(Electric current)+2(Voltage)
IO Expansion 8(in)+8 (out)
Host Communication RS232、Net Serial portal
Power supply devices 24V,dependant Spec.