Co-rotating Gearbox

Classification : Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox


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Precision craft
The precision is the sole consideration of BSG procurement of processing equipment. The trivial details of gear processing are often neglected, but we embody our pursuit of Fine Quality via exceptional craft by performing the detailed production plan by all means with all efforts.

Pure and refined

We value not only the basic ingredients but also the purity of raw materials. The procedures of the subsequent heat treatment applying to the pure raw materials free of impurities can be precisely controlled. The gear requires the density over 45 for the robust driving force, so we only use the raw material processed by the 3,500-ton forging pressing machine.

Expertise and precision

The standard sizes apply to all parts and components. BSG requests all parts and components pass the tests of gauging instruments and the staff make sure quality consistency via a strict control over all details. Thus, BSG redefines the spirit of the brand with The staff as the best instrument.

PPerfection from strict heat control
It is necessary to control the heat and duration precisely in terms of the size of each part to make the depths of tenacity and solidity meet the expectation. Heat control is the key of heat treatment technique and fine skills take time.To attain the fine quality and quantity of products, the complex detailed procedures of heat treatment are irreplaceable. Later, we satisfy the strength design of the raw material via the figures of the physical functions tests.

Processed by the complicated herringbone gear
The gearbox design begins with the structural rigidity. The rigidity covers some levels, including casing structure, gear structure and bearing structure. Various simulations of stress analyses apply to the casing structure to prevent the case from deformation. The lifetime calculation must apply to gear and bearing structures to secure normal operation of the gearbox within the lifetime estimated