Extruder Screws and Barrels

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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mercedes Su


We develop and product single screws and twin-screw, their diameter ranges up to 132mm and their length to 3700mm . We only use material that imported from Germany or Japan once the geometry has been determined. The screws are produced by the following individual processes. 

●  The blanks are prepared and annealed. 

●  Modern CNC-lathers ensure a high degree of constant quality.

●  Well-Proven special boring systems are used for producing the cooling channels. 

●  The screw geometry is milled out by computer numerical controlled machines. 

●  Before they undergo heat treatment, the work pieces are checked for warppage. Deviations are corrected immediately.

●  The screw flights are polished by several stages, surface roughness below Ra 0.8 g m. 

●  An acceptance report is written out of each screw during final inspection.


One programmed comprises barrels of diameter up to 132mm and length of up to 4000mm , we use material that imported for Germany or Japan . We supply barrels for single-screw or twin-screw that is produced by the following individual processes. 

●  Precise positioning of the barrel bores. The latest special boring machines are employed. 

●  Finishing the bore of barrel by CNC lathe. 

●  Highest surface quality through honing of the barrel bores. 

●  Even the most difficult shapes can be machined to accept finishes on CNC machines. 

●  Highest wear-resistance is obtained by deep Nitriding of the barred bores. 

●  Completed barrel is checked by gauging machine before delivery.

●  An acceptance report is written out of each barrel during final inspection.

TYPE Outside diameter Length
Single Screw φ30~ φ370mm 5000mm
Twin Screw φ30~ φ150mm 5000mm
Single Hole Barrel φ50~ φ370mm 5000mm
Twin Hole Barrel φ30~ φ150mm 4000mm