Hot Runner


Single Valve Gate Hot Runner System

Category : Parts and Components

1. Dual-cylinder, powerful for gate seal. 2. Nice gate mark....Details

Hot Runner Controler

Category : Parts and Components

High speed CPU. Panel with high brightness LED. With self - debugging function. PID controled. K, J type can be used....Details

Hot Runner System - Valve Gate- VG Type

Category : Parts and Components

● Good & smooth gate vestige part surface but bad color change ability. ● Used for vehicles such as bumpers, car doors, car light moldings, food containers and products that require multi-shot...Details

Hot Runner System - Open Gate - LC Type

Category : Parts and Components

● Excellent material flow ability and good color changeability. ● Good thermo conductivity, the open tip avoids the gate freeze up. ● Eliminates flow lines flow lines from nozzle. ● minimum mark. ...Details