Dispersion Kneader

Dispersion Kneader HD Type

Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

Dispersion Kneader HD Type This Dispersion Kneader is suitable for processing single or mixing numerous raw materials, including natural, rubber, syntetic rubber, plastic and more. The model has a...Details

Double Arm Open Type Kneader

Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

The KD double-arm kneader is available with a variety of blades in different shapes as well as with number of discharging methods and mixing conditions. This KD double arm kneader has already...Details

Heavy Duty Model Dispersion Kneader

Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries Features: Heavy Duty Model This machine most suitable kneading application for all kind Rubber, Plastic and Chemical material This machine...Details