Fully Automatic Conversion Line

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Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-25222610
Fax: 886-2-25222601
Contact Person: Mr. C. L. Huang
● Clips For 90° Transfer
    Major features of ABMM - 2002
    90° Transfer Clips
    Equipped with Two Servo Motors
    Bag Length Accuracy ± 1mm.
● Folding Device
● Equipped With Two Servo Motors
● Bag Length Accuracy ±1 mm
● Standard Accessories
    EPC(EDGE Position Controller)
    Sewing thread broken alarm
Specification Model No.
Diameter of Unwinding Cloth 1400MM Maximum Applicable
Width of Unwinding Cloth 400-850P Applicable
Cutting Length 500-1400MM Adjustable
Production Output 32-40 bags/minute
Folding Width 20-30P Adjustable
Stitching Range 5.0 V 9P Adjustable
Sewing Head New Long DKN-3BP
Sewing Head Driving Motor 1 HP × 1 Unit
Length Accuracy Within 1 mm range
Cutter Knife High quality alloy steel
Air Compressor 2 HP × 1 Unit
Servo Motor 3 HP × 2 Units
EPC (Edge Position Controller) Equipped
Sewing Thread Broken Alarm Enclosed
Conveyor Driving Motor (AC) 1 / 2 HP AC Motor With Magnetic Brake
Power Consumption 11.6 KW
Dimension (LӡWѡH) 6000 ѡ4080 ѡ1180ѢP
Weight 2800 KG
Optional Equipments 1. Zigzag Type High Quality Alloy Steel Cutter
2. Double Folding Device
3. Cold Cutting System
4. Mark Reading Sensor (for Pre-Printed Roll)