Cutting Machine

Classification : Shrink Sleeve Converting Machinery


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-23587272
Fax: 886-4-23580882
Contact Person: Vicky
- Many optional devices such as a notch cutter, a continuous perforation knife and an adjustable conveyor .
- Accurate cutting .
- Quiet operations .
- Easy to operate.
- PLC with color touch screen control system . 
Model SPC-300S/400S/500S
Speed 40 m/min
Max Cuts per minute 400
Max Draw 900 mm
Available Widths 300/400/500 mm
Unwind Diameter 700 mm
Core Diameter 3”(76mm)
Accuracy 0.1mm

Standard Specifications:

PLC Based Control System Operator
Touch Screen Operator Interface
AC Vector Drives Infeed & Main (Knife & TD Perforation)
Servo Motor
Multicolor Photo Sensor
TD Perforation Station 90& 75 T-Perfs
Cantilever 3”(76mm) Unwind Air Shaft
Adjustable Conveyor
Static Eliminator
Dancer System Unwind Tension
Unwind Magnetic Powder Brake
Spare Cutting Knife
Continuous Perforation
Jaw Cutting Device(Tear Tab)
Rewind with Oscillation
Stand Alone Unwind with EPC
Double cut System