Semi-Automatic Conveying System & High Speed Mixer & Vertical Cooling Mixer

Classification : MIXER & BLENDER SERIES


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2639-4784
Fax: 886-4-2639-3989
Contact Person: Alex Liao/Catherine Chang
In addition to storage function, this unit automatically handles power package conveying, features easy operation, and doesn't need to move and add raw material at Mixer elevaterial platform. It's very easy to add the raw material. There is no power dust leakage problem, saving labor and time, and helping lower down processing cost. It is of environment protection and is an economic saving conveyor system, which can increase the productivity by 30%. This is an ideal model for the plastic industry.
CL-F Features
  • CL-FA: Adopts fixed rev. speed AC motor drive suitable for general material mixing.
  • CL-FB: Adopts pole change 2 step speed AC motor drive suitable for large volume material mixing.
  • CL-FC: Adopts stepless variable speed inverter AC motor drive where mixing speed can be adjusted against.
CL-MB Features
This kind of machine is suitable to be used for the purpose of cooling more output. Baffle plate(s) (part A) can enlarge cooling area and advance the speed of cooling.