Fully Electric and Continuous Heating System PET stretch blow molding machine - L Series

Classification : PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-22611341
Fax: 886-4-22612962
Contact Person: Rucy Yang
Model Max.capacity Cavity pitch mm Neck Lnt-diameter mm Spindle chain pitch mm Cavity OUTPUT BPH
Standard Type
L1000G Max.20L - 72 90 1 250~500
LS2000G Max.12L 280 56 76 2 1400~2600
LL3000 Max.6L 228.6 55 76 3 3000(5L)
L4000 Max.3L 152.4 38 50 4 6000(0.6L)
LS6000 Max.2L 114.3 38 50 6 9000(0.6L)
LS6000H Max.1L 114.3 38 50 6 6000(0.5L)
LSS8000 Max.0.6L 76.2 30 38 8 12000(0.6L)
LSS12 Max.0.6L 80 30 38 12 18000(0.6L)
LSS12/50H Max.0.6L 80 38 50 12 11800(0.5L)
• Feeding System 
1、Top mounted unscrambler for saving space. 
2、Multiple protection devices for precise preform feeding and ejecting unqualified preforms. 
3、Continuous preform feeding system. 

• Transfer System 
1、Compact perform-chain pitch design for efficient heating and reduce energy consumption.
2、Horizontal rotation transfer system to eliminate perform flipping.

• Heating System 
1、Easy access for oven maintenance and lamp changing. 
2、Cooling ramps throughout for maximum perform neck protection. 
3、Excellent ventilation system to ensure cool perform surface. 
4、Infrared heat sensor for perform temperature monitoring.

• Transfer and Variable Pitch System 
1、Servo driven perform transfer system with grips assembly mounted on timing belt. 
2、Servo driven Variable Pitch System for quick transfer and precise perform locating.

• Blowing and Clamping System 
Servo Driven clamping system with synchronized base mold operation. 

• Pressure/Blowing system 
Precision electromagnetic valves for fast responding time and high volume production. 

• Control system 
1、Touch-panel control system for simple operation. 
2、10.4" LCD touch screen with 64K colors. 

• Others 
1、Fully electric mechanism to ensure high-speed operation and precise locating. 
2、Design for quick mold change. 
3、Low energy consumption, low wear, low pollution.