Automatic Blow Molding Machine-FS-90ISSO

Classification : Automatic Blow Molding Machine


Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Huang
• LCD Touch Screen connects to each mechanical and electric function, and has the self-diagnostic system easy for troubleshooting and adjustment.
• The plasticizing screw and barrel are precision components with special nitrogen-treated steel for heat durability and resistance.
• Water cooling system controls the feeding-zone temperature.
• Blow pin unit has a special and accurate cooling circulation and hydraulic-driven system. (Bottom Blow Unit).
• Product capacity’s range is from 30 Liter to 50 Liter.
• Fully-interlocked pneumatic, hydraulic and electric safety devices to protect operators from danger and accident. We can also equip machines with light curtains for additional protection.
• I Series machines are suitable for producing various and different-shape of plastic products.

Model FS-90ISSO
Material PE
Product capacity 30-50
Diameter of Product 150-400
Screw diameter 90
Screw L/D ratio 24/1
Extruding capacity 140
Accumulator 5
Screw Drive Inverter motor 50
Screw Drive Hydraulic motor 2500
Screw ration speed 20-65
Oil Hydraulic drive Inverter motor 30
Oil Hydraulic drive Hydraulic motor 60
Power of thickness control 7.5
Air compressor(Optional) 15
Pressure of air 6-8
Clamping force 44
Oil tank capacity 140
Number of heaters 7
Heating capacity 32
Total installed power 92
Extruding mouth outer diameter 350
Open close daylight 340-850
Length of mold capacity 850
Width of mold capacity 750
Machine water consumption 1000
Mold water consumption 230 L/min
46623 kcal/hr
Machine net weight 12
Machine dimension<L*W*H> 5*3*3.3