Two Platen Injection Molding Machines

Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine - TP Series

Category : Injection Molding Machines

Unique two platen design for clamping mechanism exhibits exceptionally high speed clamping feature.Details

Two Platen Injection Molding Machine (LM Series)

Category : Injection Molding Machines

It is medium and large-sized plastic parts molding equipment. It is applicable to automotive industry such as bumper and instrument panel, air-conditioner compressor housing, and even pallet over 3000 tons .Details

Dual Platen Injection Molding Machine

Category : Injection Molding Machines

• Saves up to 20% of the machine floor space. (foot print) • Automatic mould adjustment saves on mould-changing time. • Clamping cylinder builds up high pressure rapidly by using split nut lockup. • Short stroke clamping cylinders prolong oil s...Details