Low Pressure Injection Molding Machine

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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Sheila Su
• Horizontal injection system, vertical clamping system.

• Nozzle connected to gear pump directly, without heating pipe, avoid material crystallization.

• Nozzle connected to melting tank, injection unit back and forward by air.

• Melt tank made from aluminum alloy, precision machining then coated with Teflon, heating evenly and rapidly and clean easily.

• Equipped with Ejection system driven by Pneumatic cylinder.

• Two tie bar design for molding small parts, operation easily.

• Equipped with Light Curtain、 Dual Palm buttons and safety cover for operator safety.

• Machine driven by air pressure and single phase electric power source. Energy saving, low pollution and no oil leakage risk made from hydraulic system suitable for clean room and laboratory.

• Low pressure molding is an innovative process between injection molding and potting. It’s molding at very low pressure with hot melt adhesives for low injection pressures. A cost effective alternative to epoxy potting. It offers superior strain relief compared to conventional plastic injection molding for cable、wires and connector.

• Complete sealing of the components providing water-tight encapsulation.

• Short cycle time (14-45 seconds) to complete part.

• The Pressure adjusting valve control the pressure of injection.

• Three PID thermal temperature control zones (Melting tank and nozzle)

• Multiple language HMI and user friendly PC Base

• Complete operation history of setting & alarm

• 1000 sets of mold documents can be export as backup.

• Offer one axis control for servo motor.

• Built in USB /Ethernet/Print port/CF Card.
Injection Type Horizontal Injection
Capacity l 3.5
Injection Capacity cm3 / r 8.98
Pump Speed r.p.m 0 ~ 51
Nozzle Stroke mm 30
Nozzle Contact Force ton 0.12

Clamping Unit
Clamping System Air Hydro Booster
Clamping Force ton
Opening Stroke mm 160
Mould Space mm 285
Min Mould Space mm 125
Overall Size of Platens mm 480 * 140
Space Between Columns mm 360
Ejector Force ton 0.12 (Pneumatic)
Ejector Stroke mm UP 10

Electrical Equipment & General
Power Source / Voltage V / HZ 1 ø 220/(50/60)
Drive Motor kw 0.12
Heater kw 3.92
Temperature Control Zone zone 3
Pressure Pneumatic kg / cm2 6
Dimension of Machine (L*W*H) m 1.2*1.0*1.8
Weight of Machine ton 0.3