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Hot runner
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-2218-1686
Fax: 886-2-2218-1766
Contact Person: Mr. Xiong
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Features Introduction
  • 1)8-inch TFT LCD, with large size and aesthetic appearance. 
  • 2)For different heating rates of heating objects, three heating modes: fast, medium, and slow can be selected respectively.
  • 3)The temperature curve display helps to understand the actual situation of thermostat. 
  • 4)Scalable network monitoring can record important information such as storage monitoring temperature curve and abnormal temperature to facilitate the production management.
  • 5)Thermocouple (open/short/reverse) is equipped with electric open detection functions.
  • 6)Mold temperature parameters are stored for quick replacement of the mold.
  • 7)Boot sultry functions (firstly heat to a predetermined temperature, then to the target temperature).
  • 8)Clock boot for pre-heating function weekly
  • 9)Microcomputer PID automatic control and the computer automatically fine-tuning to ensure accurate temperature control.
Feature description
  • 1)J type and K type thermocouples are optional, shown with Celsius Fahrenheit display. 
  • 2)Manually setting the power output percentage can be switched by keys.
  • 3)Output current/watt (15A/3600W-240V) (15A/1800W-120V). 
  • 4)Applying for voltage 110-240VAC and frequency (60HZ/50HZ).