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i-Top series
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  Perform Range

ID of standard preform : 18.0mm 35.0mm

<Note> ID is inner diameter

  Measuring Accuracy


  Features and functions


    1. Easy to operate & quick inspection 

        Measuring time of one preform for all dimensions, radius and angles is 45 seconds only .   

        Equipped with clamping robot can grab preform for measuring and back to the original position 

        of the preform tray automatically

    2. One stop measurement of all neck dimensions

           a. Max. inspected preforms : 144pcs for Φ28mm finish 

           b. Place the full shot in a preform tray and Q-Vision will complete the measurement 

    3. User can set up control limits

    4. Embedded standard references of popular neck finishes

    5. SPC for process control

    6.Preform weight (options)

Standard acessaries

1. Bore gauge * 3 pieces

2. connecting wire 

3. tranformer * 1 piece 

4. Notebook* 1 set 

5. Installing disk of SPC program * 1 piece   

6. Key pro *1 piece