Water-Cooled Series | Cooling Units | Auxiliary Equipment

Water-Cooled Series
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● High inductive temperature control switch, easy control the manufacturing process liquid temperature. 
(accuracy ±0.5 ℃)
● With Euro-well-known brand compressor and water pump, low noise, high E.E.R
● Casing pipe type condenser and stainless steel plank type heat exchanger. Significantly promote the cooling efficiency.
● The cold storage trough can store surplus energy according to the demand. Can save 20% energy.
● Microprocessor control panel and auto-detect indicate lamp.
● With perfect and multiple security protected device, postponed and automatic return home circulated function.
● Stainless Steel water tank and water circulating system design.
● Can set water supply by manual or automatic method.
● With perfect anti-chock device and feet wheel design, easy to move.
● Must collocate with cooling water tower.