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Vacuum Type Oil Hydraulic Molding Machine JD-HV Series
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-2320999
Fax: 886-6-2325333
Contact Person: Louis Tsai
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Model No. JD-HV80 JD-HV150 JD-HV200 JD-HV300 JD-HV400 JD-HV500
Clamping Force (Ton) 80T 150T 200T 300T 400T 500T
Plate Size (mm) 380x430 450x450 550x550 650x650 800x800 1000x1000
Piston Diameter(mm) 230 305 355 430 500 610
Piston Stroke (mm) 420 360 360 360 590 560
Max Mold Thickness (mm) 250 150 180 200 290 360
Platen Heated (kw) 4.8 9.0 13.5 20.4 24 42
Oil Hydraulic System(HP) 5 7.5 10 15 20 20
Oil Tank Capacity (Lifers) 300 300 400 480 600 800
Machine Weight (Approx) 2800 3000 6300 6800 12500 19600
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1600x1200x1920 1850x1510x2424 1930x1755x2885 2150x2065x3220 2400x2868x3770 2740x2750x3928

Ideal for the production of making packing O-rings, keyboards, rubber medical products, etc.

  • The vacuum suction hood provides highly efficient vacuum suction effect for the entire mold inside the working platen, suction speed of 700HG/2sec.The unit offers simplified construction, easy to operate and maintain, with fast mold change.
  • Integrated hydraulic circuit provide various pipe functions on the circuit boards, reducing piping to a minimum.The oil cooler ensures long service life of the circuit valve.
  • The motion time, traverse and number of motions can be conveniently set on the control panel to meet product variations, ensuring production quality.
  • Combines two molding units in one machine, which can be operated separately.
  • While in vulcanization molding operations, the hydraulic pump motor can be set for running, or stopped for power saving.
  • The electric system is controlled by the PLC controller, allowing for easy operation and accurate adjustment. An emergency switch provides added safety for the mold and the operator.