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Vacuum Hot Press
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1. Vacuum system:
1-1. Utilizes upward pull motion for hydraulic cylinder in the vacuum hood, which supports to provide stability and prevent oil leakage.
1-2. Using MIT vacuum pump with high vacuity and low noise. Imported ball valves are used to offer high flow rate and fast vacuum extraction.
2. In / out-molds:
Designed with special Mold Frame devices, it is easy and convenient to setting and operate.
3. Front ejector:
Using double-layer oil-less bearings, protected with a dust seal.
4. Monitoring design:
Overall monitoring on machine actions, pressure and flow rate, and warning messages and records.
5. Hydraulic circuit design:
Proportional Pressure and flow ratio system is designed for easily changing the pressure and speed setting.
6. Electrical control system:
6-1. Precise temperature controlled is using PID calculations, temperature can be adjusted by the man-machine interface.
6-2. The module saving function includes temperature, pressure/ flow rate, time and function settings.
6-3. Heating system: using SSR solid relay with fast heat-up without exceeding the limit.
6-4. Mold calibration: slow mode calibration function is provided. To calibrate the mold, simply press up/down key to complete the mold position setting.

TYPE 100 TON 150 TON 200 TON 250 TON 300 TON 500 TON
Stroke (mm) 350 250 250 250  250  300
Upper heater Plate (mm) 400X400 440X440 510X510 600X600 600X600  700X700 850X850
Lower heater Plater (mm) 445X490 503X530 540X600 650X720 650X720  750X770 850X920
Mold in-out plate (mm) 510X540 550X580 620X650 725X725 725X730
Piston diameter (mm) 250 300 350 400 450 560
Electrical heater (KW) 22 34 34 34
Motor (HP) 15-single 15-single 15-single 15-single 10*2-twin 10*2-twin
Total power (KW) 40 48 52 52
Mold opening Method 0RT: up/down       3RT: middle mold
1RT: in/out           4RT: top mold
2RT: front ejector