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Serigraphy Machine SPM-450STX / SPM-340STX
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Max. web width 450 mm / 340 mm
Max. Printing Area 430(W) x 410(L) / 400(L) x 330(W)
Printing stations By standard 2nd pass unit can do as many color quantity as the setting
Max. speed 0 ~ 6000 RPH , imp / hr
Machine dimension
L 350 x W 110 x H 160 (cm) / L 350 x W 105 x H 160 (cm)
Machine weight 1800 KG(N.W.) , 2100 KG(G.W.) /
1600 KG(N.W.) , 1900 KG(G.W.)
●  Gearless independent servos drive & computerized control
●  CNC program system control to give orders in wide span TFT colorful HMI touch screen. Simple & easy. Theother country languages by English letters can be put into HMI touch screen.
●  Independent servo drive printing station with specialize precise linear sliding tracks for printing head vertical and horizontal movement. Vacuum suction base on printing station make printing web no flutter.
●  Pneumatic style raise & descend printing head and screen stencil convenient for operation and maintenance.Squeegee angle auto adjust the level while printing to get best printing pressure. Screen stencil position can do along, across & askew adjustment while printing.
●  Smooth patent Independent servo drive printing head for adjust the printing pressure by digital servo to control the ink layer thickness in microns more precisely. Benefit for e.g. micro printing by thicker ink layer effect, puff printing etc.
●  Along web style printing head movement instead of Across web style can save more web wastage also not required many sizes squeegees. 1st & 2nd station Full-automatic positioning system & unit no need to do manual adjustment.
●  2nd pass scanner unit is available for multiple colors printing, computer will auto-adjust the registration while printing no need to do by manual. 2nd pass scanner hole punching unit benefit for 2nd pass scanner read especially for the special jobs.
●  Diamond finished feed drum no pressing traces remain on web while feeding. Vacuum tension control unitbenefit for better registration.
●  Machine body made by professional CNC hole drilling and One body integrated molding. Machine parts made byCNC lathe to achieve strict QC request. Patent construction can protect the connection part so machine is very durable, smooth & silence.
●  Drying method can choose UV dryer or 4HDTR-17M , HDTR-17M : Patent Dryer. Our Patent dryer smaller space required, drying length may vary from 7 ~ 102 meters, drying temperature from 0 ~ 150oCaccording to the jobs demand can be the widest application for almost all kind of materials such as shrink, transfer, electronic films to overcome shrinkage, fissure problem at the most economical way.