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Rotogravure Printing Machine WJ-III Service
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● Machine Mechanism: 

‧Fast change-over: Gravure cylinder changed quickly due to advanced shaftless gravure cylinder design. 
‧Quickly changing job on unwind & rewind stands due to shaftless reel clamoing mechanism. 
‧Advanced auto splicing & feeding mechanism: High speed & ultra fast printing job change without stopping machine. 
‧Pneumatic control impression roller: easy to operate & down. 
‧Across & along the web running register electric control mechanism. 
‧High efficient double layer drying system with adjustable temperature and efficient drying capacity. 

● Electro Control Model: 

‧Main & sub transmission system are fully micro-computered PLC programmed & controlled. 
‧Human-Machine interface controller with simple, easy to use operator controls. 
‧Advanced drive systems provide superior web tension control, require less maintenance and reduce waste.