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Rotary Letterpress Machine SPM-340LR
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Max. web width 340 mm
Max. Printing Area Full Rotary :430(L) x 330(w)
Intermittent Rotary :340(L) x 330(w)
Printing stations Standard 5~8 Stations special order can be requested)
By standard 2nd pass unit can do as many color quantity as the setting
Max. printing speed 300 RPM , 18 ,000 imp/hr
power 3 phase, 30kw
Consumption/UV nuit 33.6kw
Machine dimension L500 x W130 X H150 (cm)
Machine weight 6000KG(N.W.) ,7500 KG(G.W.)

●   Human machine interface touch screen (HMI) & CNC printing station positioning system :

        ○  CNC program system control to give orders in wide span TFT colorful HMI touch screen. Simple & easy.
        ○  The other country languages by English letters can be put into HMI touch screen.
        ○  Exclusive 2nd pass control program system. Computer will micro-adjust the scanning range tolerance automatically to get best 2nd pass registration. Many control items can be set in HMI "2nd pass setting page".
        ○  Full-automatic inspect machine status such as electric current overload, servo breakdown...etc and alarm in the HMI "Error Inspection Page". So the maintenance is very easy & secure.
        ○  Central controlled printing stations auto-positioning system operator do printing stations positioning only required by HMI touch screen. Just set repeat length all printing stations will auto-positioning immediately then micro-adjust the position if needed.
        ○  Full automatic printing stations positioning system & unit (FS) can be option just press the button will see all register marks of each printing stations 100% matched in one full automatically.
        ○  100 set jobs memory system for each printing stations position, ink leaking speed, repeat length, backward length, tension data, setting parameters etc can be memorized in HMI "Job file selecting & setting page". Select memorized file name start re-print directly.
        ○  Web tension can be set (micro adjustment) in HMI touch screen for different specifications web materials needs. The setting tension ratio can be changed automatically while speed variation.

●   Printing station construction & Electrical parts :

        ○  Get rid of traditional printing station positioning operate by manual, CNC printing station positioning computer digital controlled can do micro-adjust to achieve 0.01 mm (10 micron, u) accuracy just give order to computer (10 u tolerance is impossible to be made by manual) . 
        ○  *SPM-340LR by central control in HMI touch screen, SPM-270LR by digital panel control of each printing station
        ○  Computer will auto-adjust the printing registration due to speed variation or restart the machine printing. Operator no need to re-adjust many items again & again manually as other machines. Less trouble and save lots of material wastage.
        ○  Thanks to Independent servo drive inking speed system in each printing stations, ink volume adjustment by CNC computer digital control to do precise micro-adjustment while printing. Computer will change ink leaking volume automatically according to the printing speed variation. Easy, efficient, no wastage.
        ○  Oscillating swing ink rollers in each printing station can make ink more average spreading to get best printing quality. Vacuum electroplate alloy rollers no rust, less consumption. Printing overlap shadow erasing rollers operator can compose to fit different printing jobs demand.
        ○  Simplified printing pressure micro-adjustable switches can adjust the opposite edges of printing pressure in the same time, operator no need to adjust both sides pressure many times also to put his hands inside the printing station, less trouble & save time (if required one side manual adjustment is available also) . Impression rollers easy changed for maintenance.
        ○  UV flexo Varnish Coating station (V)design for quick changeable Anilox roller benefit for Varnishing or Flexo ink coating thickness variable application. Choose Full-rotary mode the coating will be more efficient.
        ○  When printing station not using, operator can stop the station operating no rollers consumption.
        ○  Size variation just input the order size in HMI touch screen, no need to change cylinders & gears, save time & cost. 

●   Machine body & UV control system :

        ○  Machine body made by professional CNC hole drilling and One body integrated molding. Machine parts made by CNC lathe to achieve strict QC request.
        ○  Professional Specialize liner sliding tracks make printing registration precisely. Oil sealed complicate bearings on many parts of machine no wear & tear, easy for maintenance, durable.
        ○  Specialize feeding drums no pressing traces remain on web while feeding. (as above photo).
        ○  Auto reciprocal adjustment on between UV luminosity and printing speed. Auto or Manual 2 modes, up to 8 sections UV strength can be choose.
        ○  When printing station not using can stop the UV station operating no UV glasses consumption.
        ○  Cool UV glasses can handle some special materials such as PVC,PE,PET etc to against shrinkage is available for standard unit.

●   Tension control, On-line working & Ink washing :

        ○  Machines on-line reciprocal system & loop box unit (RS) for Die-cut, Hot-stamping machines on-line with Rotary printing machine by unique computer systems & devices to prevent speed uncoordinated caused bad registration, web jammed even web twist broken situation. Dancing roller in loop box is benefit for web smooth feeding. ( The unit as above photo ).
        ○  Automatic computer controlled Ink washing unit can wash printing station easily & convenient in very short time.
        ○  Printing station lubricate piping unit benefit for maintenance & longer life.
        ○  Extra large printing area 430 x 330 mm, super high speed 300 RPM (18,000 imp/hr, 130 Meter/min). Speed variation gradually for machine protection.