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Raschel Knitting Machine Double Bed DR series
Country: Taiwan
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DR1 is suitable for super wide Shade net, Hail net, Garden net, Construction net, etc.
● Machine can make 2 layers of net at same time.
● Stitch one side of nets, the product become to double width.
● Stitch both sides of nets, the product become to tube net.

DR2 is suitable for fruit mesh bag, onion bag etc.
● All stitching of the bag is done on the machine. Save the labors cost for stitching process.
● Drawstring can be done automatically.

●  The size of bag is adjustable. 

●  Special specifications are also available. 
●  Manufacturer reserve the right to change the specifications without notice. 

Model DR1 & DR2 series
Available Width 170" 200"
Gauge of Needle Bed 6G/1", 12G/1"
Drive Bar (Total) 5 ~ 11
Yarn Feeding Bar 4 ~ 6
Main Motor W/Inverter 7.5 HP 7.5 HP
Power Consumption 7.4KW 7.4KW
Yarn Let Off System Monofilament yarn: Beam or Creel
Flat Yarn: Slitting & Extension Machine or Creel
Dimension L x W x H (mm) 6,150 x 1,650 x 2,720 6,950 x 1,650 x 2,720