PETG Film | Films | Semi and Finished Products

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•  High transparency; it can be applied on products needing transparency.
•  Better than APET in many ways: good appearance and close tolerance thickness.
•  High printing performance in both black/white as well as color.
•  Ideal flexible packaging applications- low moisture absorptivity, good weatherability and electronic insulation.
•  Waterproof, non-polluting and breakage- proof.
•  Perfect sealing performance- accepts adhesives easily.
•  With non-toxic, no-odor, high strength and high shrinkage properties, PETG film enhances the value of products through attractive appearance.
•  It has been certificated by ROHS, REACH and the FDA.
Type Shrinkage rate Thick- ness (um) Width Max (mm) Length Max (M)  Characteristics Applications
GNL - 25-50 1400 2000 1.high temperature resistance (<220℃), non-toxic, odorless, microwaveable
2.good transparency and easy to recycle
3.easy to process at high frequency for laminating
1.laminating coffee cup lids, trays and containers.
2.wood grain decorative with PVC.
3.laminating and could be transferable
GNH - 70-100 1400 2000 1.high performance for processing
2.good for printing and forming
3.perfect for sealing and laminating
3.egg case card tree leaves
GMM MD: 35%-50% 35-50 1090 2000 1.easy to metal coat and print; maximum shrinkage: 50%
2.good for printing
1.Machine Direction (MD) shrink
2.battery packaging
3.Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) packaging labels
GMH MD: 50%-75%
GTM TD: 55%-75% 30-60 1200 2000 1.high transparency in all available sizes. 
2.easy to process into pieces, bags or rolls. 
3.can be supplied with easy-tear, suitable for all kinds of plastic materials, cans and bottles.
1.Transverse Direction (TD) shrink 
2.bottles and cans sleeves 3.beverages and drinks labels
GTH TD: 75%-80%