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Paper Cup Machine
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Products Hot or Cold Drink Cups; Vending Cups; Ice Cream or Instant Noodle Tubs
Material In-feed Blank Feed Sidewalls, Roll Feed Bottom Stock
Forming Type Single-wrap Two-piece
Production Speed Cup: Up to 150cpm ; Bowl: Up to 135cpm ; Oval or Others: Up to 115cpm
Range of Cup Sizes 75ml to 1000ml
Drive SIEMENS AC Variable Speed Drive
Specification for Tubs Top: 89mm~ 142mm ; Bottom:64mm-113mm ; Height: 75mm~125mm
Specification for Cups Top: 54mm ~122mm ; Bottom:54mm-91mm ; Height: 50mm~178 mm
System Control PLC Controls & Touch Screen HMI
Cups Productivity Max. 9,900 cups/hr for one Machine
Electric Requirement 50-60Hz
Compressed Air 5.6kg/cm2
Machine Vacuum 0.65kg/cm2 another 0.62kg/cm2 for Blank Feeder
Water Required 1.9 l/min @1.4kg/cm2
Space Requirement 10.3M(L) x 3.5M(W) x 6M(H)
Machine Weight 8.5 Tons