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PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine-W/L Series
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Paggy Lin
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- Compact structure for saving spacemodular design for easy maintenance.

- Suitable for various market to produce different bottles.

- Special heating array structure to minimize oven space and energy consumption.

- Unique auto-infeed system applied to preforms with different neck diameter.

Pneumatic Version:

- Robust hydraulic clamping
- Double robotic arms for speedy preform loading
- Cost Effective machine that is also easy to maintain
- Compact structure for small floor foot print
- Modular design for easy maintenance


- Handle pre-insert robot.

- Side-heating system for oval & flat bottles.

- Smart locating device for specific direction of preform.

- Recycle system for less consumption of operation air. 
Type Model


Cavity pitch  

Neck Lnt-diameter 

 Spindle chain pitch 



Standard CPSB-1000WM 12 ltr 300mm     200mm 1 450
Standard CPSB-2000LHI 5 ltr 225mm 50mm 2 1200
Standard CPSB-1000W 7 ltr 225mm 120mm 1 800
Standard CPSB-2000L 6 ltr 225mm 50mm - 2 1300
Standard CPSB-1000L 10 ltr 300mm 50mm 1 600
Standard CPSB-2000W 5 ltr 225mm 120mm 2 1300