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One Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine-FS-IB60
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-22765071
Fax: 886-4-22765070
Contact Person: Ms. Huang
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● High-Speed and Precise Quality, Suitable For Processing PP, PE, PC, PS Materials.
● Fully Computerized Design With Self-Diagnostics System, Display Erroneous Message On Touch Screen, Easy For Trouble-Shooting!
● Quickly Molds Changing System, Saving Cost and Productive Cycle Time.
● All Function Control-On-Board Design, Easy for Operator Changing Data and Modifying Setting Directly On Touch Screen.
● The Feature Of Injection Blow Molding Machine, Not Only Bottle Surface Shining, But Also Bottle Body Seamless, Excellent For Production Smaller Bottle.
● Hydraulic Is Close Loop System, Controlled By Proportion Pressure and Flow Rate Precisely.
● Mold Seat Is Turret-Typed Design, Adopt Angular Index Device To Ensure Accurate Orientation.
Model FS-IB 60
Screw diameter 45
Screw L/D ratio 20/1
Screw-speed range 0-180
Screw-stroke 127
Max.shot-weight 264
Mold clamping(injection unit)  
Injection mold clamping force 127
Injection mold clamping force 60
Trigger bar length 670
Max swing radius 460
Mold clamping(Blowing)  
Blow mold opening stroke 127
Blow mold clamping force 10
Power system  
Pump motor 30/20
Pump pressure 170
Heating capacity 7
Heating zone 4
Air consumption(Approx) 35
Air pressure 6-10
Oil tank capacity 300
Total power consumption 50
Machine dimension 4x1.6x1.9
Machine weight 6