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Hydraulic Powerful Hot Stamping Machine OT-5F
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● The pressure of it is stronger than of air pressure type, and the pressure of adjustment is rather easy and accurate.
● Because of all the moving parts are soaked in oil, so itself is a good lubricating system. Thus it wears away little, durable and moves smoothly.
● It is not like the air pressure stamping machine which is equipped with air compressor to make big noise. Therefore, it can be operated anytime as necessary without disturding neighbors and causing less out-put.
● The accessories and parts of this machine are all of oil tank is especially designed by specialist in addition, it has screen filter, oil discharging outlet and partition plates in the middle with an oil meter and oil temperature indicator on conspicuous place to give timely warning for check-up.
熱盤面積 Size fo Hot Plate 210*300m/m
電源及電熱 Power Source & Heating AC220, 1700W
溫度調節 Regulation Of Temperature 0-400℃
時間控制 Time Control 0-6S
油缸直徑 Cylinder Diameter Φ63m/m
自動卷箔 Roller Leaf Feeding Device 0-170m/m
作業臺面積 Area of Base Plate 340*370m/m
最大壓力 Maximum Pressure 2000kgs
最大開度 Maximum Gap 300m/m
重量 Weight 380kgs
機械尺寸 Dimensions L1130*W600*H1820