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Liquid Silicon Injection Molding Machine
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● Specification: H series are from LCH-H80 to LCH-H500 (specification chart); V series are from LCH-V100 to LCH-V850 (specification chart).
● Computer: Compatible with D type computer.
● Hydraulic Circuit: Compatible with the followings:
 Proportional Pressure & Speed Type
 High Speed Type
 Energy Saving Servo Hybrid Type
 Energy Saving Variable Pump System
 Energy Saving Inverter System
 Injection Closed-Loop Type
 Semi Closed-Loop Type
More compatible types available, please contact us for detail.
● The difference between liquid silicon machine and general machine:
Liquid silicon machine uses liquid fluid as the material feeding type, which is different from other injection machines. It must mix two liquid types in high speed mixing action until semi solid condition then charge to send the material to the barrel and standby for injection. Meanwhile, the material in the barrel must be kept in low temperature condition, therefore, a water chilling system must be installed with the barrel to control the temperature under 20°C. Usually, thermoplastic material is heated up in barrel then injected to the mold for cooling to solid formation. In contrast, liquid silicon becomes solid after heating. Material must be injected into mold then cool the fixed mold to room temperature, while heat the moving mold between 150 to 170°C in order to solid form the material then open the mold to bring the product out.
● Making a mold:
Making a mold requires someone who has more experience, since liquid silicon flows pretty good that the mold must be well tighten to prevent product flashing. If you are making children, medical, or feeding related products, the mold material is very important to prevent bad material entering the products.
● Evolution of liquid injection:
Solid formation was the primary formation method for silicon injection machine in early stages. However, it not only take longer time to solid, but also the product gets flashing that requires much human resources trimming. Moreover, the scrap and leftover material after processing cannot be recycled, which causes waste and loss. Liquid type silicon injection molding machine specialists in liquid molding. Simply mix third liquid content to produce different color products.
Liquid silicon injection molding technology runs automatically, which not only saves much human resources but also minimizes material scrap and cost; it is a popular type for the future.
The liquid silicon also can be used in many fields based on its stability, chemical proof, high temperature proof..., etc., which is irreplaceable. Silicon products have the characteristics of easy to clean, anti-slip, antirust, prevent leakages, foldable and non stick specification, and can be made into various of products you can image, like below:
● Medical silicon product:
Silicon mask, breath bag /mask and other silicon medical parts
● Baby care product:
Silicon nipple, spoon, button, baby tooth brush, protect pad, and baby silicon bottle
● kitchen accessories:
Toast plate, heat protect glove, cup pad, scaling cover, silicon jelly product glove, mobile food container including silicon cup, bowel, plate, and cleaner container based on the characteristic of foldable that saves space when travelling.
● Industrial parts and accessories:
Silicon washer, 'O' ring, scaling pad, silicon sole of shoe, laptop heat transfer pad, hand phone protect jacket, earphone, silicon ultra thin optical mouse pad, car high voltage coil protector.
● Other silicon products:
- Silicon pen holder
- Silicon bangle
- Silicon label, key chain and many more.