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Hot Stamping / Die Cut Machine SPM-450FT / SPM-340FT / SPM-320FT
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SPM-450FT / SPM-340FT / SPM-320FT
Max. web width 450 mm / 340 mm / 320 mm
Max. Die-cut(Hot stamping) Area 430 (W) x 410 (L) / 
330(W) x 310(L) / 
300(W) x 300(L)
Ps. Hot stamping area same or a little smaller
Working stations By standard 2ndpass unit can do as many working quantity as the setting
Max. speed 450FT : 200 RPM, 12,000 imp / hr 
On-line with SPM-450OR : 200 RPM (imp/min)
340FT : 300 RPM, 18,000 imp / hr On-line with SPM-340LR : 250 RPM (imp/min) 
320FT : 200 RPM, 12,000 imp / hr On-line with SPM-270LR : 200 RPM (imp/min)
Machine dimension L330 x W130 x H180 (cm) / 
L270 x W130 x H170 (cm) / 
L270 x W125 x H170 (cm)
Machine dimension 4500 KG(N.W.) , 5500 KG(G.W.) /
3500 KG(N.W.) , 4500 KG(G.W.) / 
3300 KG(N.W.) , 4300 KG(G.W.)
●  Gearless independent servos drive & computerized control
●  Wide screen CNC programming TFT color HMI touch screen for set up simple and easy; other Latin alphabet based languages are available with this control.
●  Lateral, cross & skew adjustment for die cut (hot stamping) station when machine operating. Non-stop pressure adjustment.
●  Real flat-bed style station instead of the oblique flat-bed style station of most other machines. This design always evens pressure and prevent flutter of the web die-cut / hot stamping / embossing to optimize results.
●  Transmission by unique cam design, powered by servo instead of large gears as on other machines. This design provides more power to the work station for more even pressure and product quality, as well as smooth and silent operations.
●  Machine body made by professional CNC hole drilling and One body integrated molding. Machine parts made by CNC lathe to achieve strict QC request. Patent construction can protect the connection part so machine is very durable, smooth & silence.
●  Die Cut Machine SPM-450FT / SPM-340FT / SPM-320FT
●  Diamond finished feed drum
●  Diamond finished feed drum - Zero pressing traces remain on web from feeding. Vacuum tension control maximizes registration accuracy
●  Hot stamping foil runs parallel with web compared to across the web foil feed of other machines. Hot stamping foil feed aligns with the web feed for smoother processing and more accurate registration. Optional cross web hot stamping unit is also available.
●  CNC scanner twin positioning Hot-stamping system & unit : Hot stamping of foil security marks on set positions of the web. Foil feed repeat length can be shorter than web feed repeat length to reduce foil wastage.
●  CNC Hot-stamping foil saver system & unit : Can set foil feed length for 1 or 2 (other option) groups both shorter than web length to minimize foil wastage.
●  Twin shaft, heavy duty balance construction of the twin stations machine for even pressure and support of the die cut (hot stamping) area - ensures optimized results.
●  Other options include: Specialized full-cut unit, full-cut stacking station, and multi-laminating shafts & poles, heated die cut or embossing unit, etc.
●  Rotary leveled unwinder; antistatic/ antirust alloy for feed shelf; lamination unit has automatic and manual skew and tension adjustments etc.