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Horizontal Dryer
Country: China
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Water content of the final product is an important criterion for performance standard of PET recycling, and rate of machanical drying directly affects the quality of products as well as energy consumption during the recycling process. Since 2005, hundreds of Boretech horizontal centrifugal dryer are running in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Africa, which proves the stability and high efficiency of this product.
We considered all kinds of situation during the design, specially designed shaft and anti-block screen reach the highest capacity and lowest water content. The design of the entire structure simplifies the maintenance of it.


Power (KW) 15
Capacity ((kg/h) 700
Dimension (mm) 1322*1583*1898
Water Content of Product% 2
Power (KW) 18.5
Capacity ((kg/h) 1500
Dimension (mm) 2510*1500*1755
Water Content of Product% 2
Power (KW) 55
Capacity ((kg/h) 3000
Dimension (mm) 2449*1850*2020
Water Content of Product% 2