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HPDE/LDPE Washing Line
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HDPE washing line is for washing waste HDPE bottles. The key point of post-consumer HDPE bottle recycling is the removal percentage of impurity which is mixed in the duration from HDPE factory to recycling plant. We realize the core character of different impurities based on our 20 years experience of practical recycling business. The design concept of our different functional processes is to set up the best environment for separating impurities. And due to the recycling line is designed on module basis, for future expansion, it can be improved to get higher capacity and more stable quality with minimum investment cost.


Boretech LDPE recycling system is widely used for washing and recycling waste PE film and PP woven bags. This line can separate muds, sands and other impurities from films and bags easily. The whole production line is automatic controlling, compact process, high production efficiency, and nice cleanness. The spotlight of this system is that it can process big capacity up to 3000 kg/h and the moisture in the end products will be removed more than 85% that will have a good advantage of the following procedure, pelleting.

*Capacity: 500 kg/h-3000 kg/h