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Force Feeder-PSD
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mike Chen
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Its design is based on Sino-Alloy’s years of experience. The PSD single screw forced feeder has a large feeding screw chamber for a smooth flow of the feeding material.
Its specially designed gradient type feed screw has excellent compression properties, designed to handle light powder, fluffy material, mixed type plastic materials, cotton fiber and wood powder.
Raw material is force-fed into the PSM extruder by the special screw.
Model PSD30 PSD50 PSD70
Throughput (kg/hr) 18~80 40~400 40~400
Motor Power (kW) 0.75 1.5 5.5
Screw Speed (rpm) 11~110 70 110
Screw Diameter (mm) Ø30 Ø50 Ø110
Hopper Volume (L) 45 120 120