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Filter (Made In Taiwan) (GR-EB)
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Newly Designed Plate type Filtration Element 
Filtrate Extra Fine Particle up to 10 m
Long Service Life!  Extra Large Filtration Area!

Patent Number: M 361379

1.The filtrating element is sintered from various plasticizing composite materials, featuring maximum durabilitywear-resistance, elastic-fatigue resistance and breaking-resistance etc.

–2.The section construction is designed with a combination of honeycomb and concave/convex shape. This special construction offers extra large filtration area with high efficiency.

–3.The element center has isolating line to prevent powder from bridging, while increasing convenience of   reversed cleaning .

–4.The surfaces of the filtrating element is specially treated, making it suitable for filtrating extra-fine particle.

5.Extremely long service life.  Normal service is approximately 2-5years, which may vary with powder types.

–6.The plate type filtrating element only occupies about 40 of area of conventional bag-type dust collector