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Fabric Cheese Type Winder
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● The unique way of winding is parallel and extend, it ensures process to be smooth.
● Cam adjusted by non-step belt is suitable for windinf PP and PE filaments of 5 link-up yarn and 25 link-up yarn.
● Weight of finished product is above 50kg.
Winding Speed Max. 200m/min
Bobbin Size Inside Diameter : 75mm to 150mm
Tube Langth 350mm to 550mm
Traverse Length 300mm to 500mm
Yarn Diameter 300mm to 500mm
Yarn Shape Cylindrical
No. of Spindles Optional
Winding Motor 20kg-cm to 100kg-cm
Yarn Pattern Cross can adjustable
Yarn Tension 300 to 1,500 CN (g)
Application PP, PE Nylon
Power Supply 220V, 3PH, 60Hz