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FGB Gravimentric Blender
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Series FGB-M05 FGB-1 FGB-2 FGB-5 FGB-10 FGB-25
Number of components 2~4 2~4 2~6 2~6 2~7 2~10
kg/hr max 35~45 70~130 325~420 750~945 1200~1600 1500~2500

●  FGB-series are designed for accurate dosing, weighing and blending of free-flowing thermoplastic materials. 
●  The FGB is suited for use on extrusion and blow-moulding machines and as central-blender for several processing machines where consistency and high quality of the finished product is required. 
●  Because of the modular construction there are different models available in this series for the dosing and blending of 2 up to 10 components; generally virgin, regrind, masterbatch and various other additives. 
●  Besides installation on a support frame over the processing machine, the blenders can also be placed on a stand with integrated vacuum take-off box next to the machine or on a mezzanine floor above the machine. 
●  Components are dosed individually using pneumatically operated slide valves or have a combination with one or two electrically operated screw feeders. 
●  Each component is dispensed directly into the weigh-pan which is supported by a high precision loadcell system. 
●  When all the components are correctly weighed, the complete batch is discharged into the mixing chamber. An efficient horizontal mixer provides an uniform blend. 
●  A level sensor in the mixing chamber controls the total dosing cycle.