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PET Neck Crystallizer
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● Even heating and cooling effects
● Dual heating method with world patent:
     Enhance heating efficiency and reduce the deformation .   
● Adjustable air knife design :
  Decrease the adapter temperature and prevent preform from overheating
● The best adjustable process control :
     The process conditions can be controlled for different ambiances
     and preforms
● The roundness of preform lip can conform to the requirements of
     one-piece closure:
     Reduce the deformation effectively with unique cooling and fixing
● The machine structure with vertical and circulated design :
     Small operating space , prolong the machine duration , lower
     the maintenance cost 
● Be suitable for the varied length preforms :
     Change the core easily with quick –change core design
● Decrease investment :
     The maximum capacity of our crystallizer can reach to PPH 32000
● Unique and advanced process technology :
     Keep developing the crystallized lightweight preform