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Cutting & Sewing Machine
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•  This is the latest commission system. There are servo motors for this machine, one is used to control the length of bags, the other is used to control the high speed moving bags of commission system. The method is to convey the bags quickly and the speed is adjustable. 
Characteristic Automatic Cutting & Sewing
Servo Motor 2.0kw JAPAN
Successive Cutting Heat Successive Cutting
Sewing Machine (DKN-3) 1PCS
Applicable Plastic Cloth PP/PE Woven Bags
Production Capacity 35~42pcs(bag/min)
Cutting Length 550~1250 mm
Cutting Width 550~1250 mm
Cutting Accuracy +.- 1 mm
Bag Mouth Anti-Stuck Device Equipped
Stitching Range 3.8~8 (p/mm)
Diamter Of Unwinding Cloth 1200 mm
Side Folding Width 15~25 mm
Man Power 1 Persons
Main Driving Motor AC 2HPX1 , Servo Motor 2.0KWX1 , 1HPX1 , 1/4HPX1
Power Required 12.6KW
Air Compressor 3HP X 1UNIT
Ddlivery Unit Counting Stack Type Belt Conveyor
Machine Dimension L7880 x W3880 x H1360mm (N.W 2800Kgs)
Cubage Ark 1X20"尺