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Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ben Liu/General Manager
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●  The horizontal die-face cutting can save pull strip problem.

●  No noise during the pelletizing processing.

●  The knife has unique design of two level automatic adjusting and able to process high MI materials.

●  And it would not affect pellet cutting because of high low water content and high low temperature.

●  More size-even pellets, better outlooks, and water content less than 0.01~0.03%.

●  Combination of shredder / Extruder / Pelletizer.

●  Smash and mix well, heating, dry.

●  High productivity, low noise.

●  Easy operation and low labor cost.


Model GD-100 3IN1
Conveyor Size 2HP×3500(L)×650(W)
Metal Detection Optional Optional
Shredder Rotary cutter 12 pcs
Stationary cutter 16 pcs
Size Ø1000mm
Motor 75HP
Main Extruder L/D Ratio 36/1
Main Power 125HP
Temp. control 11zones
Heating Capacity 60KW
Hydraulic Power 5HP
Output/Hr (kg/hr) 250~450
Sub-extruder L/D Ratio 1:8
Power 30HP
Heating Capacity 10KW
Cooling Tunnel Size(mm) 4500×500×250
Material rack Size(mm) 1500×500×800
Material SUS304
Pellet Cutter Power 5HP
Blower Power 5HP
Storage Barrel Capacity 1000 L