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Bottle Pre-Washing Machine
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Before crushing process, removing external impurities as to the fullest extent possible, is very important to gurantee quality of PET bottle and reduce production cost. Take advantage of the special design mechanical structure to create friction among PET bottles inside the machine, and use hot chemical water to separate label, dirt, sand, glue, rubber, metal and other impurities from the bottle. Through detection system, it is able to conduct automatic control over temperature and chemical supplement, to achieve comprehensive automatic control of production process, and guarantee bottle quality to the greatest extent. Supporting chemical water filtration system, using coarse filter, fine filter, precipitation, separate impurities of chemical water in three steps, thus to maintain a longer life of chemical water, saving washing cost. 
Regardless of equipping automatic sorting system or not, the bottle prewashing process shall have an important influence on PVC content of PET flakes. After high-temperature washing, it can make a visible difference of PVC bottles, so it is easier to distinguish PVC bottles from PET bottles for manual sorting; while washed bottle can assure automatic sorting system a higher sorting efficiency.
Power (KW) 30
Capacity ((kg/h) 6000
Dimension(mm) 15800*3225*3050
Power (KW) 15
Capacity ((kg/h) 3000
Dimension(mm) 11200*2370*2280
Batch Pre-washing Machine XD2500x6000
Power (KW) 45
Capacity ((kg/h) 2000
Dimension(mm) 5750*10900*2900